Listen to BBC presenters stunning reaction to another honest mistake!

More honest mistakes? Or just plain cheating?

Until it is called out then we will never know.

Of course, no one will ever dare say publicly that the referee’s are corrupt due to the legal ramifications of such an accusation, but at what point do we stop, and have a serious look at the officials in our game?

Are they really that incompetent? Surely no one can be THAT incompetent? Either way, our game will never be taken seriously by any major broadcaster until decisions like last night are either trained out of the refs, or called out.

Last night is as close as you could possibly get when BBC Sportsound’s Richard Gordon reacted to the footage he saw of the penalty decision, “As I was running through one screen, I noticed there was another incident coming through from the game from Ibrox. I thought, why are they showing that? They showed that it’s a nothing incident I’ve just realised that’s the penalty! That is unbelievable!!

“I’ve been doing this long enough. I’m quite willing to be open and honest about anything. I certainly wouldn’t be going crazy. There’s just no way that is a penalty. There’s nothing there and what John Beaton has seen, goodness only knows.”

It really was a brilliant reaction and even former Rangers player Richard Foster, was left dumbstruck.

I’m sure there will be a full and thorough investigation by the SFA to find out exactly why that decision was taken but it will be interesting to see what game Beaton is assigned to next………..

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3 thoughts on “Listen to BBC presenters stunning reaction to another honest mistake!”

  1. Why be surprised.,I’m an old lady in my eighties, and it’s always been the same, the referees in SCOTLAND DONT EVEN TRY AND HIDE WHO THEY WANT TO WIN, and it’s never Celtic, they should be ashamed to pick up there wages, but their again people like them have no conscience, but they will answer to a higher court when they die, ha ha.

  2. HH Shocking what or why nothing done about this blain ten cheating Allegany reason is all must be in the funny hand shake club, modern technology works both ways public can see blatant cheating can’t cover cheating up any more so why are all Scottish clubs accepting this all clubs should have a equal chance to win the league h ref’s getting reprimanded for there bad workman ship .Q when it is proved there was a mistake the team that the mistake against should then get the points. HH KTF this would stop all this silly talk GENUAN MISTAKE

  3. Of course Richard would say that, Richard who is undoubtedly the best ever presenter of BBC Sportsound and someone I have huge respect for, is a self confessed huge Aberdeen fan. Having said that he is 100% correct. Just another honest mistake from no other than John Beaton wow !!! When I saw on BBC online that Rangers had equalised I asked myself “who scored the penalty, who’s the ref” a quick visit to the game on line confirmed my thoughts a pen and Beaton. Instructions from the Craft + 7 minutes!!!! maybe he got thirsty for a Bellshill pint and called it a day.

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