Liquidation Denial as “150 Year Bash” Headlines EBT Recipients

Yes I know. These stories are like buses. You never get one then two come along at the same time. Of course, I mean Sevco stories on my site. Where normally I focus only on Celtic, this one can’t go by without a mention.

Yesterday it was Morelos Bingo and today it’s the turn of everyone’s favourite. Liquidation denial.

Rangers* are promoting their 150 year anniversary bash with special guests that helped along the destruction of the old club

Graeme Souness, Walter Smith, Alex McLeish and Dick Advocaat are all “special guests” where all ironically, at one stage or another, contributed to the administration and eventual liquidation of the club we used to know as Rangers*.

Will the fans take the opportunity to arrive at the dinner armed with questions on why Dick Advocaat spent £13m on Tore Andre Flo? Or why Walter Smith said “We wish the new Rangers Football Club every good fortune.”

Or why Graeme Souness spent gazillions on players and made use of EBT’s in doing so? Or even ask why Alex McLeish admitted in court EBT’s were used because his club couldn’t compete with Celtic financially, which meant the management knew full well what EBT’s were.

Hell, they might even ask Donald Findlay to explain what he meant when he said, ‘It is a different club,’ he tells Sportsmail bluntly. ‘They may play at Ibrox and they may play sometimes in royal blue jerseys.

‘But you cannot pass on that which is undefinable. And that is spirit and tradition and all the rest of it.

‘To me this is a new Rangers which has to establish its own history and tradition.

But it’s not the Rangers I know. To me, genuinely, it is a new entity.’

They won’t. They should be angry. But they are not. I would be livid if the club I love was holding a dinner and making those that were responsible for its downfall it’s guests of honour.

But they believe the lie with all their will and the constant over glorifying of this mystical 55th title is proof of it. That’s all they have.

Revisionism is what that club does best. But everyone knows what happened to that club. Everyone knows it’s only one title. As do they.

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