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“Let’s be honest” – Then Kenny Miller tells a flat out lie about Celtic’s Kyogo

The fallout over Celtic not winning on Saturday and Rangers losing continues for it’s fifth day this week.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been so busy this week that I have missed bringing you guys the usual meltdown’s from Follow Follow and Rangers Radio so, instead, here is a helping of pain from Kenny Miller.

The former Rangers striker was on the panel on Superscoreboard when a Celtic fan called to rinse him over views that the gap between us and Rangers is really not that big (YouTube video coming tomorrow) .

The subject of Kyogo being poleaxed by Ben Davies came up in the conversation when the fan said Davies was lucky to escape a red card for his actions.

Miller, obviously, disagreed but not before telling a flat out lie that helps feed the moonhowlers in his clubs support their daily need of bullsh*t, “Not at all. Let’s be honest, Kyogo is a wonderful player but he does go down easily.

“That’s been something in his game since he arrived here, he does go down easily.”

Wow Kenny. I hope he can provide evidence of Kyogo ‘going down easy’ because everyone knows that that was just a complete lie invented by his clubs moonhowlers because they say this Japanese striker as a threat.

Miller has just embarrassed himself getting roped up in this nonsense but then what do you expect? People do and say strange things when they are in pain.

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