“Let me be crystal clear!” – Brilliant Postecoglou message for Celtic supporters after AGM claim

The Celtic AGM was no doubt a fiery one. With the board under intense pressure by the fans, what was evident from that day is that Ange Postecoglou is in a very powerful position at the club.

He enjoys the adulation of the fans and because of this, the board, I feel, got away lightly. Which sounds crazy considering the amount of heat they faced.

But they dodged questions about Neil Lennon. They dodged questions about Dom McKay and they also dodged serious questions about failing to capture ten in a row.

And that is all down to the fact Ange Postecoglou is showing signs of building something special at the club.

The Celtic managers relationship with the fans is water tight and the board know this.

This is partly the reason why a Director of Football is not on the horizon at Celtic now.

The board don’t want to rock the boat and when a reporter suggested that one could be incoming at yesterday’s press conference, in true Ange style, he gave the very notions of a DoF the short thrift.

Ange’s full, and brilliant answer can be watched here:

And when the team at The Go Radio Football Show spoke about it, Ange’s former right hand man gave the Celtic supporters a brilliant message at who is in charge at the club.

Former Socceroo and member of Ange’s staff, Craig Moore said, “What I read into that is, for me crystal clear. Ange is making football decisions at that football club, in terms of the players obviously, and in terms of that infrastructure that he wants to have in place.

And Ange will enjoy being in that position. So in terms of the Director of Football, and not being very clear, I think he’d probably be happy that it’s not clear.

Because he’s then in that position where he can have the influence on the football club that he believes that he can do a positive thing for the football club.

Ange, he’s a builder. He’ll put that club in a fantastic position, and he’ll be looking to win trophies along the way, might I add.

But he’ll always do the right thing by the by the football club. So I think they’ve got to give him that opportunity to be able to bring the players in.

He’s shown already that he can bring in top players and make a difference to the squad. So just go and back him and let him crack on with his business.”

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