Neil Lennon has incredibly attacked the Celtic fans in a second rant where he brands the Hoops supporters “greedy” and responsible for driving Peter Lawwell out of Celtic Park.

Speaking on the BBC Scotland Euro’s Breakfast Show, Lennon incredibly attacks the supporters which is sure to do nothing but alienate himself further from a fanbase that used to adore him, “This new culture is a little bit greedy, complacent and want, want, want,”

“They’ve chased Peter out the door, they’ve gone after Dermot [Desmond, Celtic’s majority shareholder], and these guys have done nothing but try to bring success to the club.

“They [fans] were putting out banners against the board two or three seasons earlier when we were winning trebles. I didn’t understand it.

“I think Peter was always intending to leave anyway at the end of the season, but it was sad after 17 years’ fantastic service we all sort of went out the back door quietly.”

Lennon seems to be trying all he can to salvage his flailing reputation as he attempts to distance himself from any blame whatsoever of the shambles of last season.

It truly is a fall from grace for the former Hoops manager and one must wonder what EXACTLY is his end game?

One thing is for sure, if Lennon continues these attacks on the Celtic supporters, he will no longer be regarded as a legend by the fans, if it’s not happened already.

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