Statue at Celtic Park

“The establishment lying for the establishment club”, “Where they not formed only a few years ago?” – SPFL’s latest Cup Final tweet rinsed, even by English league fans

Look, we all know Rangers died.

The history books will forever show that the club went into administration, then liquidation and then eventually die.

It’s a fact. End of.

Yet the media in this country and the footballing authorities still continue to peddle the myth that this Rangers is the real Rainjurs.

The only thing I would say to that is, ok, if you want to carry on as the old club, settle their liabilities and we’ll call it quits.

But we know that will not happen.

All the chat this last two weeks has been centred around the ‘values’ of that club after Partick Thistle-gate. They have none.

The fans made that abundantly clear when they booed and jeered the goal, and then displayed a banner against their manager.

But the SPFL didn’t cover themselves in glory with this tweet either:

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They haven’t even won it once. But it is this type of bending over for that club that not only annoys the fans, but also the businesses that were owed millions by them.

And it wasn’t just Celtic fans that pointed this out to the governing body:

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