I genuinely don’t know what Neil Lennon’s thought process was regarding “that” interview published yesterday. I understand he needs to come out swinging and give his side of the story, I get that, but his complete revisionism of the history of last season is astounding.

Lennon seems to have the opinion that the supporters turned on him because of a home cup defeat against Ross County back in November last year, “That was the first cup defeat in 35/36 games. It was the end of an unbelievable cycle of success and for them to be treated that way was bewildering. They should have been lauded for it rather than abused.

“They were getting pelted with missiles. It was very sad. There was a new breed of supporters that I had nothing in common with and who belie the values of the club.”

Lennon’s “new breed” of supporter attack certainly did not endear him to the fans. Many of them still believe he is a legend at the club despite the calamity of last season. I wonder what they think of him now?

Popular Celtic podcaster Paul John Dykes completely blows his the former Celtic boss’s claim with a single tweet that was precise and to the point, “And an old breed of supporters who you have absolutely nothing in common with.” and the reaction was met with widespread agreement.

Lennon has chosen to forget the team lost out on the Champions League to a mediocre Hungarian side at home, in a one off tie.

But more importantly, in the same month as the cup defeat he had chosen to forget the he led the team to an 8-2 aggregate humping against a Czech team that should be nowhere near Celtic. And a 2-2 draw away to Hibs where two goals in the last 10 mins saved Celtic from further embarrassment.

Lennon’s interview achieved nothing except to alienate himself further from the fans and stain his overall legacy at Celtic Park.

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  1. While the Celtic supporters are correct to be furious that their club simply gave away their title to one of the poorest sides to ‘win’ a league in Scotland – The Rangers International, i think the points Neil made were very pertinent. Himself and the team had stones raining down on them for losing a game of football and this speaks volumes for itself. This is not the behaviour of traditional Celtic fans, this is the behaviour of the transferred support of the new Ibrox club, hence their accurate title of ‘Scotland’s Shame’. Like i said though, there have been exceptional circumstances that partially excuse the supporters’ behaviour. The main one for me is the fact they were giving Sevco their first ever title on the backdrop of going for 10-in-a-row another aspect was being denied access to matchdays to see the team and air their frustrations. I suggest that had fans been in the stadium this season would have panned out very differently. Celtic would’ve played far better and Sevco would’ve choked as they proved the season before they are likely to do in front of a crowd. As for the significance of the season i have to say as a supporter of Celtic for over 30 years i thought the 10-in-a-row thing was not a major issue. The rivalry it referred to is almost a decade dead. We’ve won 9-in-a-row twice, Sevco hasn’t won it even once. The war is over, the rebels won. 2012 ended the old ways and with a 124 year or so age difference between the two Glasgow clubs it’s a gap they’ll never ever bridge. We have 51 titles, they have 1. Which side would you really rather be on? So forgive Celtic and Neil for this seasonal blip, for that’s all it will prove to be. We could appoint Bertie Basset as manager and it’ll have no real effect on the sovereignty Celtic own in the domestic game. The more you say it the more the gulf hits home: 51/ 1, 51/ 1. The house of cards came tumbling down in 2012 and it brought with it a gap that will simply never be bridged, so forget about the 10 and instead remember the one and only 10 that matters, led by Bobby Sands in 1981, and sit back and relax in the full knowledge that as a club we’re so far in front domestically that only the liquidation of Celtic could give the new Rangers a chance of catching us. Not even the Hubble telescope can see them coming.

    Red Scotland out. Hoora!

  2. Well said ,These bloggers seem to think that they are the only ones that matter when giving an opinion and if it differs from them you must either be a wee boy that has Celtic wallpaper in his room or an old fart.

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