Kyogo is going nowhere and Celtic site’s should be ridiculing the ‘story’, not reporting it

I seen this ‘story’ appear yesterday and immediately knew it was a piece of nonsence.

An Italian based website, Calciomercato, claiming that Kyogo Furuhashi is on the radar of Southampton after a brilliant start at Celtic is one of the laziest pieces of journalism out there.

And when I say lazy, boy do I mean lazy.

The article consisted of this simple paragraph, “Southampton have set their sights on Kyōgo Furuhashi, Japanese striker born in 1995 of Celtic, former Vissel Kobe.”

Various Celtic bloggers dismissed it as such and as sites like HITC ran with it as a bone fide story, there was one Celtic site that picked it up and reported it as fact. Just for clicks.

The Celtic Bhoys ran with it as a fact based story and even added their own little caveat of, “But his performances appear to have caught the eye of clubs down South as he is already being linked with a move to the Premier League.

Apart from a two bit click bait site naming Southampton, what other ‘clubs’ are interested? What is their source?

Instead of giving the article from Calciomercato a going over like other bloggers did, this ‘Celtic site’ gave credence to it and added fuel to the fire.

Why do the job of the mainstream media for them?

The job of a Celtic blogger is to get stories that concern the club we love to the fans, from a fans perspective, of course it is and that includes possible transfer stories.

But the main job of a Celtic blogger, I believe, is to call bullshit on stories that are clearly written to unsettle the club, and this site failed at that. Spectacularly.

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