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“He’s an absolute pest” – Barry Ferguson on Celtic star

Ahh poor Barry. A suffering Rangers fan who needs to talk about how well Celtic are doing whilst his own team languish in our shadow.

What a time to be a Celtic fan. You know, we should really thank Barry for his part in killing off Rangers but that would be too cruel. Especially as Ange Postecoglou’s Celtic has their foot firmly on the Newco’s throat.

But, to be fair to Barry, as he was speaking about Celtic star Kyogo Furuhashi, he was being very complimentary about him.

Speaking on Go Radio, Ferguson said, “He’s an absolute pest as well and I’m talking about on the pitch.

Centre backs and full backs and holding midfielders will absolute hate playing against him.

He’s just constantly running.

His fitness levels are an absolute joke. Let’s be honest, they are sky high.”

And when you counter that with big Alfie in Govan whose only running that gets done is down to the ice cream van, the game at Ibrox must be hard to watch.

But, as we all know, Barry tries to be impartial but you that through all these wee jokes and quips, you know that when he says things, especially about driving Ange to whatever club the media up here are trying to hawk him too, it’s done from a place of pain.

It’s beautiful to listen to.

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