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The Village Idiot of news sites weekend Kyogo transfer rumour was nothing but bluster and hot air

It was just a matter of time before this garbage raised it’s ugly head.

Kyogo Furuhashi has been on devastating form this season for Celtic.

22 goals without a single penalty makes the Japanese striker the deadliest player in front of goal this season.

Lightning quick and a footballing brain three steps ahead of the hammer throwers in the league, Kyogo doesn’t even need to see the goal for him to hit the target.

But with that devastating form comes the usual transfer rumours and gossip.

And, surprisingly, it is not Fabrizio Romano who is starting the rumour.

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This time, it is Football Insider.

And yes, I called it the Village Idiot of news sites because they write so much guff about our club only an idiot would believe it.

According to their sources, Crystal Palace have been casting admiring glances towards Kyogo and whilst I would never ask anyone to reveal their sources, the lack of substance in a piece that just reeks of caveats stinks.

The piece is so badly written they have claimed that we are scouting our own player, “Crystal Palace are keeping tabs on Celtic star Kyogo Furuhashi, sources have told Football Insider.

The Premier League club are in the market for multiple forward signings in the summer as they brace for the exit of star man Wilfried Zaha.

“Celtic are scouting potential targets and one of those is Furuhashi, 28, who is making such a big impact in Glasgow.”

And we are meant to take these clowns seriously? Football Insider is the very definition of a click bait site.

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