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Kris Boyd’s uses latest half-witted Celtic moan to say ‘time is up’ for Rangers star

It’s pain you love to see.

Kris Boyd on Celtic analysis when the Hoops are 1-0 down at half time and then we come out eventual 5-1 winners is just brilliant to watch.

From being a cocky halfwit at half time to a depressed halfwit at full time, the only constant when it comes to Boyd’s analysis is that he is a halfwit.

Look, I don’t mean to be be getting on Boyd’s case like this but he only serves one purpose on Sky Sports and that’s to act the clown.

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Even during his full time analysis, Boyd had no intention of offering a professional outlook on key decisions in the game. He sat there giving snide remarks about how VAR was almost perfect in digs at Celtic and it is little wonder even Andy Walker didn’t look impressed with his conduct.

But it was his latest Celtic moan that really pleased me.

As reported by the Glasgow Times, “I think any team you are only as good as your strikers. That is, that is the clear difference between Celtic and Rangers at this moment time.

“Celtic have got one who constantly turns up for his work and puts in a shift every single week.

“Rangers don’t have that when Alfredo Morelos plays. You look at Colak, I don’t think he is as good an all round player as Alfredo Morelos, but he applies himself properly.

“Rangers, I think for me, well, they don’t have a dilemma. If it’s me, I think Morelos’ time is up I’ve said that.

I think Michael Beale is probably becoming frustrated with it as well, hence the reason why he didn’t play yesterday.

Celtic have more than one that turns up every week to do the job. We have Oh as well and the South Korean has been more effective in his fleeting appearances since he signed than Morelos has been at Rangers the whole season. As has Maeda and Abada when they have been asked to fill in that slot.

Boyd is sideshow and the fact that Sky employ him to give analysis of our fixtures just goes to show how much the broadcaster has contempt for our game.

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