Kris Boyd Makes Ludicrous League Championship Claim

There’s literally really nothing Kris Boyd will not say to keep himself relevant.

Hell even writing about him makes me part of the problem as it gives coverage to Scottish Footballs equivalent to Borat. Except Borat makes a lot more sense, but is not as funny as Boyd.

The former *Rangers striker has made plenty of claims over the course of the last few years, but Celtic fans are not daft, they see right through them.

From dressing room problems in 2018 which he couldn’t prove, Vital Celtic also reported this morning that Boyd made more unfounded claims against the Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou and the Celtic fans.

You need to read to believe it.

Speaking in the Scottish Football Sky Sports podcast, Boyd made his prediction for the league title this season. Not unusual you would think that he would tip *Rangers, but his prediction of when the title would be won is.

When asked by host, Gordon Duncan, to give his prediction, Boyd said, “I’ll be honest with you. I upset a lot of people throughout the season and we’ve not even kicked a ball yet.

“The last I need to do it to upset a lot of people on this podcast before the season has even started.

“Rangers top, league done by probably just after Christmas this year.”

Yeah. Ok. Now admittedly Celtic aren’t doing a very good job of proving his theory wrong but with a full month of the transfer window still to go, there is plenty of business yet to be done by the Hoops.

Remember this for the end of the season and hopefully, if Celtic get their act together, it can be rammed right up Boyd’s………..

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