Celtic Park

Kevin Clancy may have missed the easiest red card you’ll see all season

First off, let me get this right off the bat, I thought Kevin Clancy had a very good game on Saturday.

He was bang on the money with the Morelos ‘goal’ and waving away with supposed Jota ‘handball’ for Kyogo’s second.

All in all though, I believe the whistler got more right than he got wrong.

But did he miss the easiest red card there has been all season?

Take a look at Ben Davies’ challenge on Kyogo below:

Many might say that it was a case of a simple coming together but when you look at where the Rangers defender’s elbow was positioned, it does look like Davies tried to ‘do’ the Celtic striker.

At the very least, surely a booking should have been handed out as Davies clearly fouled Kyogo?

Regardless, maybe it was a blessing in disguise that Davies wasn’t off with the challenge as we wouldn’t have witnessed his calamitous mistake that allowed the Japanese striker to rip the p*ss out of him for Celtic’s second.

Thank goodness for small mercies.

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