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Keevins and Dalziel slaughter Kyogo for ‘absolute sitter’

Ok, let’s get this straight from the beginning. Nailing my colours to the mast, Kyogo’s chance against Hibs was anything BUT a sitter.

Yes, it was a miss, but to claim that he missed a sitter couldn’t be any further from the truth. Before I explain why, take a look at the chance below:

If you look at the flight of the ball from the first replay you could see it’s trajectory was decreasing meant that it would have been difficult for the Japanese striker to make a clean connection.

Also, the Hibs defender left him a bit unsighted so it was instinctive from Kyogo to try and score with whatever means he had at his disposal. It has worked before, it just didn’t come off this time.

Discussing Kyogo’s miss as it played out live on Superscoreboard, Dalziel said, “I think he’s got to score. I don’t know why he’s chesting it.

I have no idea why he’s trying to chest that into the back of the net.

I’m not trying to tell Kyogo how to score goals but I would be disappointed as a centre forward not to put my head on that and not and put it in the back of the net and I don’t know what he’s thinking.

I don’t know if he’s reacted too late to it. That for me, for him with his class, that is an absolute sitter for me.”

When asked if he was in agreement, Hugh Kevins said, “Yeah, I think that is an absolute sitter. I have no idea why he decides to chest the ball.”

Keevins spent the entirety of the show slaughtering the club and predicting dropped points so it’s not really surprising from him, but from Dalziel, who was a striker himself, those comments are disappointing.

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