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Journalist embarrasses himself on social media after Celtic make first summer signing

I’ve never understood why journalists get themselves involved in this kind of nonsense. After Celtic signed Odin Thiago Holm yesterday, almost immediately Ewan Murray felt the need to criticise the club.

For those that are unfamiliar with Murray, he’s a golf reporter that supports Heart but continually tweets negativity about Celtic.

His nonsense on Twitter knows no bounds. In fact, he tweets more about Celtic than his own club. Many would assume that he has an anti-Celtic agenda but then, those that think that are just paranoid, right?

Anyway, after Celtic invested £2.5m on Holm, Murray came away with this nonsense:


Firstly, as Ewan well knows, if youth players are not good enough, they don’t get to play for Celtic. Those that are, do.

It’s a simple concept that he seems to miss. Another simple concept, no fact, even is that Celtoc have lost their real top talents tithe likes of Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

Again, not Celtic’s fault. When clubs of this ilk come calling then it’s really difficult to say no. Especially with the promise of playing in the English Premier League or the Bundesliga.

Murray’s obsession with all things Celtic is strange to say the least. I think he should just stick to golf because when he talks about football, he just makes a Tit-elist of himself.