Main stand turnstiles at Celtic Park

Jota on the Wing gets another sensational makeover as artist plans to take it live on tour

Jota on the Wing has gone global over the past four weeks.

Ever since Ellie Dixon released her unplugged version on social media, Celtic fans have been purring over the song as other artists get in on the act.

Bemz Music added his own touch to the song on tik tok with his rapping collaboration and now, there are plans to take the song on tour as he released this latest effort on Twitter:

And the Celtic fans loved it.

Look, I am not daft. Of course these musicians do this to get their name out there and I have no issue with it because the music they are making is absolutely quality!

Wishing the big man all the best of luck for his tour and hopefully we will get a view of the finished product in the near future.

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