John Swinney’s scandalous Celtic COVID ‘superspreader’ accusation as he bypasses Ibrox full house

This is quite an incredible statement by a senior Scottish Government minister to make less than 48 hours after the Premier Sports Cup Final.

With no data to back this up, no science involved it seems like Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, was desperate to blame someone, ANYONE, to justify the Scottish Governments decision to limit crowds at football crounds.

For two years now, football has been used as a political kick about as COVID ravages the country. The Scottish game has jumped through hoops to ensure they meet strict protocols to keep it up and running.

Daily tests. Bubbles. Separate changing areas. Closed grounds. You name it. Football has done it.

And just when normality was seemingly coming back, the Government have taken it away. Again.

Now, let me say. Public health is obviously the priority. Of course it is. But at a time when there will be now more people inside closed door venues like Braehead Shopping Centre rather than open air football stadia, this latest announcement to limit crowds to 500 makes no sense.

And neither does John Swinney’s blatant attack on Celtic and Hibs when he said, “So, we have taken a decision to protect life events and to exempt them from the changes we are making.

But I think it stands to reason that if we have large numbers of people, 50,000 fans travelling towards a sporting event in one particular part of the country, using multiple modes of transport and interacting with each other there is a very high danger that will be a super spreader event.”

Any proof to back that up John? Haas there been a rise in football fans contracting the virus whilst at a game? And what about the full football fixture card that was played a full 24 hours before the cup final? Did you forget about that?

It is a ridiculous statement to make and one that is likely to cost this Government votes from a predominantly pro independence support.

One thought on “John Swinney’s scandalous Celtic COVID ‘superspreader’ accusation as he bypasses Ibrox full house”

  1. Complaining about the SNP taking Celtic support for granted is a waste of time. Until Celtic fans withdraw their support for the SNP, perhaps in the upcoming local elections, they will take our vote for granted and blame us for covid everytime

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