John Hartson’s Sly “First Trophy” Dig Goes Unnoticed By Barry Ferguson

The first trophy? Or the 55th? Who knows. Who cares? A lot of people do but more specifically the overselling of this alleged 55th title shows that the *Rangers fans care more about the total amount of trophies won than Celtic fans do.

The myth of the 55th is something that isn’t even up for debate amongst all football fans, apart from those in Govan, and last season’s title win by Rangers is regarded as the clubs first in their short history.

Normally on mainstream media, no one touches the new club story. It’s simply swept away as if millions of pounds owed to the taxman and creditors didn’t even happen.

Speaking about Rangers drop in form and when asked if the media are overhyping the clubs three defeats on the bounce, John Hartson replied on Go Radio with a sneaky little dig at their trophy count which went unnoticed by co host Barry Ferguson, “Football is a winning business. Steven Gerrard knows this. He won the league last season and got all the praise and everything else.

The previous two years people were saying, “Well when are we gonna win our first trophy? That’s Steven Gerrard under pressure now because he’s not won a trophy“.

“So he’s got to put (their current form) that to bed.”

Simple. Effective. And true.

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