John Hartson’s shocking twitter abuse continues as Sevco fans show Christmas is not for everyone

The Christmas period is a time to reflect on the year, look at past mistakes and be kind to your fellow man.

Spend time with family, enjoy a peaceful few days and, obviously, some refreshments and good food.

A chilled relaxed time with no hate.

Well, unless you are an ex Celtic player on twitter and have an opinion that it.

Chris Sutton and John Hartson are the most prominent ex Celtic pundits in a media filled with former Rangers men.

And the reason they are not liked by Rangers fans? They tell it how it is. Even when it comes to Celtic, both are honest in their views. If Celtic are poor, they will be honest about it.

If Celtic need their corner fought, they will do it without question. And those fans hate it.

Hartson tweeted out last week “There’s a shock” when he heard Rangers got another penalty at Ibrox against Dundee United. It was a penalty but it is the sheer ease that they get them awarded is what annoys the fans. Of all clubs.

He got dogs abuse that day. And yesterday he tweeted the following:

And how do you think this was met? Yeah, you guessed it:

‘Forgetting’ about John’s brain op:

Merry Christmas folks!

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