“Jim Traynor isn’t taking that too well” – Brilliant photo of Rangers fan’s homemade VAR goes viral

There’s a lot to be said about VAR. Bringing it into the Scottish game would definitely raise the standards of refereeing but also help cut out ‘honest mistakes’.

Even the term ‘honest mistakes’ tells you that there is something not quite right with with the amount of mistakes that happen in our game.

After last nights Kyogo goal and Kris Boyd’s meltdown (and every other pundit to be fair), the calls for VAR have strangely become more vociferous from the blue half of the city when Celtic fans have been calling for it for years.

We will have to wait until to the start of next season right enough as the funding is not in place but all good things, as they say.

Well, that was until now.

After Kyogo’s goal sent the moonhowlers in the Scottish media apoplectic, a photo surfaced on twitter last night of a Rangers fan’s homemade VAR system and it is simply flawless.

He has singlehandedly, saved the Scottish game millions of pounds with a sheet of A4 paper and I am left wondering how we have never thought of this beforw.

Clearly desperation does crazy things to people and the reaction of the Celtic fans was almost as good as this VAR invention:


As the race for the title heats up, we should expect to see more of this fantastically stupid concepts and I will be right here to bring it to you.

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