Jim Spence’s latest Sevco tweet nearly broke Twitter!

There are certain people on Twitter I absolutely love to read in regards to telling it straight.

Obviously Chris Sutton is a must. No nonsense, but fair and loves to wind up the Sevco nuts. But there are also a few outside the Celtic circles that REALLY get under their skin.

Michael Stewart for one. No matter what he tweets, the hoards across the water descend on it like a pack of wild dogs.

Then there is Jim Spence. The man allegedly dropped by the BBC for denying that Rangers are the same club, continually get’s under their skins with his online truths.

And last nights nearly sent them all over the edge.

Seven words. Full scale twitter riot. For merely pointing out the obvious.

Rangers last three games where they went behind they have managed to secure a red card and two penalties. The St Mirren penalty, admittedly, was the correct decision, but when struggling against Motherwell, the officials seemed to ‘miss’ a blatant offside for their opening goal.

However, barely a week goes by were there is no dubious decision in favour of the boys in blue and when he pointed this out on twitter, Spence’s notifications when through the roof:

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