Jim Spence trolls Rangers fans with brilliant £100m tweet

Rangers financial woes have been well documented this afternoon. With further losses of £23.5m announced, that takes the total losses since they were formed in 2012 to almost £100m.

It really is an astounding amount of cash to lose. And to further compound their misery, the club need to find another £7.5m to see them through to the end of the season.

Talks of having a new loan facility seemed to be met with a congratulatory slap on the back by the Rangers directors but in all honesty, I would be worried that there is a £10m facility there that could get that club even further in the mire!

But Jim Spence had other ideas.

Did he offer a voice of sympathy? No.

An ear for listening? No really Jim’s style is it?

Instead, he tweeted this beauty:

The Celtic fans? They loved it. Rangers fans? Not so much and the replies on the tweet are simply priceless!

It is fair to say Jim really gets under their skin but Celtic should be looking on with interest at this story.

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