James Dornan calls out Kris Boyd abuse and the Ibrox fans reply, strangely, with moonhowling abuse

I find the Ibrox support a really strange bunch at times. I really do.

I know plenty of Rangers supporters that are level headed, enjoy their football and are all round decent people. I can say the same for some Celtic supporters I know.

And both support have their element of idiots. That is a fact.

But his section of Rangers fans that replied to MSP James Dornan’s tweet calling out the abuse have got me baffled.

For years the Ibrox twitter hoards have berated Dornan, a well known Celtic fan, for his seemingly, lack of action when it comes to calling out sectarian abuse shouted from the Celtic support.

Yesterday, he chose to call out the Kris Boyd abuse he received at Tannadice but was then roundly abused himself for doing so.

The moonhowling element of the support seem to have an issue with his “I know he is an ex-Rangers player but” part of the tweet and they have somehow , incredibly, taken that to mean that he is ok with the abuse because he is a former Ger.

I don’t get it. He was a former Rangers player. That’s why he isn’t liked. That and the fact he talks absolute shite about Celtic and our players and that he cannot, for the life of him, remain impartial in his job.

Celtic fans don’t like Kris Boyd because he is an ex-Kilmarnock player. See how it doesn’t work that way?

The perma-offended amongst their support is draining. Looking to see a sinister connotation with an MSP calling out bigotry just shows their mentality.

I will not publish any of the abuse here, you can see it on the thread if you wish.

Dornan is constantly abused by that support and the fact that they have abused HIM for trying to do something that they have been calling out for years is irony to another level.

I bet you wish hadn’t bothered now James?

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