On their way to Paradise

“I’ve never seen such turd polishing in all my time”, “Didn’t you say he was Rangers Messi” – Celtic fans obliterate Daily Record’s Kent fluff piece

Out of all the nonsense I read about Rangers in the media, this must be the most sycophantic piece of succulent lamb this week.

After having to put up with Mick Beale’s ridiculous praise for Alfie “losing a couple of pounds” here we have the Daily Record trying to tell us that Ryan Kent leaving on a free is a “blessing”.

How on God’s green earth one of your most sellable assets leaving on a free a good thing?

At a time where the club raised yet another confetti issue, the media should be asking what the hell is going on at Ibrox.

You could absolutely bet on it that if this was Celtic, a hearse would be on its way to Parkhead alongside headlines with cracked badges.

But yet, the compliant media keep on clapping away. But us? Celtic fans? We just keep pointing and laughing whilst we rake in trophies and millions in transfer fees.

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