“I’ve never seen nothing like it” – Video: John Hartson’s emotional Sky Sports tribute to Mr Celtic

I watched this today and felt the emotion coming through my TV screen.

John Hartson was talking today about his close friend, Bertie Auld.

The Celtic legend, sadly passed away and as the tributes poured in from all over the country, Hartson, clearly emotional, remembered his friend in an emotionally charged interview with Sky Sports.

Speaking this afternoon, Hartson said, “Mr Celtic. There’s no better tribute to pay to Bertie Auld. First of all, I want to send my thoughts and my condolences on to his family, the whole Auld family.

I was with Bertie about three or four weeks ago, he was in great spirits. It was at his house with some friends we went to see him.

But the way I would say about Bertie, he always had time for everybody. He is a Lisbon Lion. He is an absolute gentleman.

He was a character. He loved a joke. He loved to sing so and when I say he had time for everybody. If you’ve ever been to Celtic Park on a match day, it can get a little bit [busy] outside the ground.

There’s hundreds of supporters there. Hundreds of kids. Hundreds of Celtic fans coming from all over the country.

And then you’ve got the autographs. I’ve never seen nothing like it.

And I’ve seen Bertie Auld many times, having pictures, signing autographs. He was so popular at the club. And he was much loved. He was much loved by absolutely everybody that knew him.

As the Celtic family mourn another passing of a Lisbon Lion legend, I am sure there will be many more tales memories are about Bertie are shared.

One thought on ““I’ve never seen nothing like it” – Video: John Hartson’s emotional Sky Sports tribute to Mr Celtic”

  1. Bertie made you fall in love with Celtic. A gallus midfield genius to boot. Loved the Jeff Stelling programme about sporting heroes.
    Limelight! Bertie’s favourite colour.

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