“It’s worrying” – Has the van Bronckhorst deal fell through? Panic in Sevco as club announce temporary men in charge.

Well well. It seems like the deal to bring a new manager isn’t as clean cut as first thought.

The Ibrox circus continues as they announce a new management structure as their fixture against Hibs in the Premier Sports Cup looms.

From fake funerals, to cardboard cut outs do dogs named Gerrard, it has been a week of hilarity for the Celtic supporters but also one of denial for the Rangers support.

Their Corporal Jones stance from Dad’s Army of ‘Don’t panic!’ seems to be setting in at the clubs latest twitter announcement:

But I though the deal would be sealed today and announced by Tuesday morning? That was supposed to happen according to Mark Guidi as reported by Born Celtic yesterday, “”But I would imagine, just to make sure that they’re covered, that they would speak to two or three people over the weekend.

And ideally, you have somebody in play by close of play Monday, ready to start working Tuesday ahead of that League Cup semi final against Hibs a week on Sunday.”

Well this has really set the cat amongst the pigeons as the Rangers support start to panic as they were oh so sure they would seal a Gerrard upgrade by the time the weekend was up:

As one week ended badly for the support, the next weeks starts in the same vein.

Has the van Bronckhorst deal fell through?

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