“It’s Small P*N*s Syndrome” – Podcaster Solves The Mystery Of Sevco’s “55” Claim

If there is one thing that our rivals fans do that confuse the hell out of Celtic supporters, it’s the claims they make. Like “Going for 55” or “Most successful club in the world” or the stupid 5 stars above their badge (what even is that anyway?).

On the A Celtic State of Mind, Screamacelica episode Kevin Graham and Russell Boyce where shooting the breeze about Celtic and their pre season adventures down south when the conversation turned to the genuine worlds most successful club, Al Ahly.

The boys reminisced about the time Celtic won the Wembley Cup in a pre season tournament that involved Barcelona, Tottenham Hotspur and Al Ahly when Graham solved that famous mystery of Rangers* and why their fans continually bleat about their 55 titles claim. And he didn’t disappoint,  “It’s amazing the amount of clubs that actually claim that. These wee clubs.

“What’s the point? Your next one (title) is always going to be your best one.  The next one is the one that you’re looking forward to.  It’s like counting your money.

“It’s like having cars outside and counting your cars.

“I guess it’s like having wee man syndrome, small penis syndrome I’ll call it.

“If you have to shout about how many things that you have won, you just have got a small penis syndrome.

“You’re just a small club if that’s the way that you measure your success.”

Brilliant. Succinct and straight to the point. I’ve never understood this celebration of 55.

I know WHY they do it. Clearly it reinforces their idea that the old Rangers never died and the 55 is the signal of the continuation of the dead club.

We all know it’s bullshit and so do they.

3 thoughts on ““It’s Small P*N*s Syndrome” – Podcaster Solves The Mystery Of Sevco’s “55” Claim”

  1. Similarly growing up in Glasgow and being 6’2” from aged 14 and a Tim, regularly I’d get attacked by smaller huns trying to put me in my place, sadly for them I never lost a fight in Scotland but they’d still try, wee man, wee dick syndrome, it’s the same

  2. Al Ahly are the establishment club in Egypt. They get preferential treatment in the Egyptian league very much like Sevco.

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