“It’s because the other team is full of tims” – Follow Follow moonhowling continues as Hibs fail against Ross County

As Celtic look forward to a cup final against Hibs next month, the pain of that defeat for Sevco on Sunday just will not shift.

Now, they (their fans) will try and tell you that the league is a priority. Of course they will and of course it is, but what they won’t admit is that they really want a cup.

And I mean REALLY.

For years now they have been derided for spending vasts sums of money with very little to show for it. For years they have told us their aim was to stop ten in a row. Which they did, but even when Celtic were at their absolute worst last season, they STILL could not manage to win high pressured, one off games.

The pain of that loss in the cup semi final on Sunday was there for everyone to see. Everyone, including their new manager, copped the flak. It was incredible.

And as Hibs went on to lose last night against Ross County, the fans in Follow Follow went ape, and vented their anger again, not only at Hibs but also their team.

Brilliant. It’s the tims that beat us guv’na!

What a weird little world they live in.

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