“It’s amazing” – Former Rangers star couldn’t believe what he witnessed at Celtic Park

Last nights 2-0 victory in the Europa League was easily, two going on five or six.

The attacking intent shown by Celtic right up until the final whistle has shown everyone that the Ange Postecoglou style of play is starting to take shape.

It was always there, in the back burner, but now that the Hoops are now getting key players back from injury, it does look like ominous for the rest of Scottish football when Postecoglou’s Celtic start to build REAL familiarity with the new system.

One pundit that couldn’t believe what he was watching was former Rangers player Chris Burke.

He was in awe on The Go Radio Football Show, when giving a run down of the last fifteen minutes of the match and couldn’t hold back his disbelief at the continued bombardment of the Ferencvaros defence, “They’re still on the attack here.

It’s amazing.

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You would think at 1-0 you would shut up shop and make sure you get the three points.

But I don’t think that’s the Celtic way or the Ange Postecoglou way.

They’ve had so many chances in the last 15 minutes since we’ve been in the studio.

And it’s clear cut chances as well.”

It truly was a stunning performance by the Hoops and one that the team will continue to build on.

Just imagine this, we still have James Forrest and Karamoko Dembele to return from injury.

Frightening isn’t it?

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3 thoughts on ““It’s amazing” – Former Rangers star couldn’t believe what he witnessed at Celtic Park”

  1. That’s the reason we got beat by betis, we would have conceded yesterday when it was 1-0 against better European opposition, I can’t believe the euphoria after beating a poor team that still created several chances, we still have a very long way to go and learn how to compete in Europe.

    1. It was still a very good result against a team that held their own for a while against Leverkusen. Plus only one player in our line up played against them last season. Considering the turnaround in players, I would say that is impressive

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