“It’s a shocking state of affairs“ – Sutton Blasts Celtic Board’s Euro Preparations

Chris Sutton. Celtic fans love him. Straight talker and tells it how it is. Doesn’t sugar coat anything and when Sutton tells you the club is in disarray with their preparations for the Champions League, you better take notice.

In his weekly column, the former Celtic striker, took aim at the people he believes are responsible for the mess the club find themselves in just 5 days before the Champions League qualifier against Midtjylland.

Sutton points the finger straight at the Celtic board and says that their dithering over appointing a new manager quick enough is the main reason the club find themselves so under prepared, “The club is all over the place.

“It’s a shocking state of affairs. Every season when it comes round to the Champions League we seem to be talking about the same situation, the same dilemma because Celtic haven’t acted quickly enough.

“But this is not on the manager this year. This is on the hierarchy for sitting on their hands.

“Celtic fans always have hope and expectation for qualifying for the Champions League group stage. This season I don’t think that’s there.

“In my opinion they’ll be lucky to qualify for even the Europa League group stage.

“And it’s put Postecoglou in an impossible position. The Aussie has gone into clubs before and shown he’s not scared to make changes.

“But he’s been here such a short space of time, how can he analyse what he has in front of him and have a clear plan?

“He hasn’t got a chance. This is stuff of miracles if he can get a tune out of this team and turn round a 25-point gap on Rangers.”

If you’ve read everything I’ve read about Ange Postecoglou then you will know that he thrives under this kind of environment but that still doesn’t take away from anything Sutton has said.

But it is also nothing new. Celtic have always left their transfer business to the last minute. In fact, I’m surprised Sutton is surprised.

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