“It wouldn’t surprise me” – Top podcaster’s Bold striker update

Never have I known a striker to split Celtic fans opinions since the days of Georgios Samaras. Samaras was definitely a Marmite forward. You either loved him or hated him. Me? I never loved him or hated him. I just thought he was lazy and that is something I cannot stand in professional footballer and he only got a contract extension because of that one game when he destroyed the now dead Rangers team at Ibrox.

So when it comes to Leigh Griffiths, I’m kind of in the same mind frame. What he done last season was unforgiveable. Well that’s not strictly true. Of course it’s forgivable, it just still hurts.

Out of all the Celtic players you would have thought that he understood how much the ten meant to the fans, so to return to pre season training in the condition he did, yeah, I suppose THAT is unforgivable.

Back to the point. Should Griffiths be offered a contract extension? Some say yes. Some say no. Speaking on ACSOM podcast, Paul John Dykes firmly believes the enigmatic striker SHOULD be dealt in by Ange Postecoglou and he makes a bold prediction on the strikers future, “It was a difficult period for everybody but he wasn’t being played, because Neil Lennon didn’t think he was fit enough.

“He argued the fact that he was fit enough. He was left behind on the preseason tour of France.

“And what I believe is that the way the club are going at the moment, I think Leigh Griffiths will be given another contract.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he was part and parcel with the starting lineup in 28 days time for the European qualifier.”

And this is the thing. Celtic are so light up top it is hard to argue NOT giving Griffiths that contract extension. But is that reason enough?

I genuinely want Griffiths to succeed. Because if he succeeds it means he is scoring and if he is scoring, more often than not Celtic are winning.

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