“It wouldn’t surprise me” – Journalist Tips Astounding Celtic Player Exit

We’ve all heard this rumour at one point or another. In fact, it is common knowledge that Callum McGregor was being courted by Brendan Rodgers when the Invincible manager left Paradise for the EPL.

But speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, journalist Mark Guidi, has tipped McGregor for a major summer transfer and has advised the industrious midfielder that the timing is perfect for him to go now, “I thought he was outstanding against England. That was his best performance all season. I think if the opportunity came for him to go down south, I think there’s something and then if that’s what he wants to do, go and try it and I totally get that.

“It’s really now, I think a lot of this is going to come down to Postecoglou’s powers of persuasion and over Callum McGregor.

“Is the captaincy going to be enough? It might be, but it might not be and I think if you’re Callum McGregor or anyone at that matter at Celtic. If you want to get out, this is the time to do it.

“Because it’s like clean slate. So if you’re going to make the break and it’s got the potential to be a bit nasty. You’ve got to go do it now and see it through.

“Brendan Rodgers, absolutely 100% wanted him two years ago but Celtic couldn’t sell Kieran Tierney and Callum McGregor in the same window and I totally get that.

“But Brendan Rodgers was in for him all day long, and the boy had fancy for it. But it didn’t work out but he got his head down and got on with it.

“But it wouldn’t surprise me if he goes.”

Could you imagine the furore amongst the fans if this move was allowed to happen? The fact it is being actively encouraged by a journalist who, when working on another radio show, always complained that if they spoke about players leaving any club they would be accused of trying to move them on.

It seems like it’s open season on Celtic and their players.

2 thoughts on ““It wouldn’t surprise me” – Journalist Tips Astounding Celtic Player Exit”

  1. Mark Guidi is nothing but a self confessed sevco apologist so I wouldn’t listen to a word he says. He’s full of crap.

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