Celtic Park, Main Stand entrance

“Is this a bit of a dream?” – Andy Walker reacts to Sevco fans incredibly deluded next player/coach suggestion

Michael Beale is the best thing since sliced bread.

The most talented coach to have ever hit our shores.

Well, that is if you are to believe the sycophantic Scottish media.

But it is not only media that have gone mental over the last few weeks. Their fans have as well. And when you look at this suggestion on who should join the Beale revolution, you will see why.

This Rangers fan called The Go Radio Football show to make this claim, “This the big one. Basically I’m thinking Rangers should sing a world superstar.

And then the reason for him to come to Scotland in the first place, is because I think that guy himself must realise now is the best things in life are free. And he’ll definitely get them here in Scotland, with his family.

And the the name and it will surprise a lot of people but I think we should go for Cristiano Ronaldo as a player-coach to come to Ibrox to work along with the great coach we have already got in Michael Beale.”

Andy Walker asked, “Do you see that happening or is it a bit of a dream?”

The caller replied, “Well it’s a bit of a dream. Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t come across as being money orientated. He’s got enough of it to last 10-20 lifetimes.”

He does have plenty of money in the bank, but he also has a brain in his head.

And what exactly is the ‘best things in life are free argument’?

That Ronaldo would come to Ibrox and strut his stuff around Scotland for free?

Stop the planet, I want to get off.

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