Is Eddie Howe doing a ‘Celtic’ as he leads Newcastle a merry dance?

We all remember the Eddie Howe saga don’t we? We also remember to continued speculation as the former Bournemouth boss kept Celtic, and Dermot Desmond, dangling like a cat playtoy as he flip flopped around taking probably the biggest job he will ever get in his managerial career.

As the former Celtic target braces himself for a return to football, he has now ‘entered negotiations’ with the richest club in the world.

Entered negotiations. Deja vu anyone?

If only someone who has had experience of Howe’s tricks would speak up and warn the Geordies that he is merely stringing them along.

I mean. What is there to consider?

Howe is in a no lose situation here. He will be handsomely rewarded with a massive contract.

Newcastle are sitting in the relegation zone, so not only is he not expected to win anything, the Newcastle fans are probably expecting to go down anyway.

Plus, he is guaranteed VASTS sums of money to spend in January.

This is a job made for Howe. Low risk. Low demand. Reputation intact if he fails, and if he is successful? He will be a club legend.

Whereas at Celtic he would have been EXPECTED to win every game. And every trophy. And not every manager, as well as player, can cope with that kind of pressure.

That’s why he was successful at Bournemouth. That’s why Newcastle would appear to appeal to him.

But negotiations are ongoing.

We will see how serious this gets when Newcastle sets their expectations of him.

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