Irony Overload As Former Oldco Boss Claims Celtic Need To ‘Work The Numbers’

Yeah. It’s a head scratcher alright. As Celtic are strengthening their hand in this transfer window by adding to a skeletal first team, a strange article appeared this warning that the Hoops must look to offload players in order to get more money in.

The most financially stable club in the country, is being told by a guy who contributed to the death of *Rangers to sell players to raise money.

All the whilst the club he purports to support has a bloated squad who, by their own admission, are required to sell players in order to generate some much needed funds.

Speaking to Football Insider, Alex McLeish rambled, “I think they will try and offload at least one.

“At the end of the day you have to work the numbers as well at your football club.

“You can’t just hold on to everybody, especially people who are not really getting involved with the first team.

“There’s nothing sadder than watching a player at your club who’s not getting a start and he’s down. You can see his confidence has gone.

“That’s what inevitably will happen when players are not playing in the first team. You have to look at it from a human point of view.

“It’s not just about: ‘Right, we need to get him out and get some money in.’ It’s about people’s wellbeing and happiness.”

Looking at it objectively, McLeish is claiming that Celtic need to reduce the already threadbare squad to keep players happy which is completely contradictory to what the club are really required to do so who is he trying to kid?

In my opinion he is trying to claim the club need funds with his covert use of language when in fact, he should be aiming his comments to the Govan club across the water.

One thought on “Irony Overload As Former Oldco Boss Claims Celtic Need To ‘Work The Numbers’”

  1. Gotta love the tans, they give us plenty laughs. Big Eck might as well be Wee Eck fae Oor Wullie. Utter chump. At the end of the day it hardly matters what goes on elsewhere for there’s only one club in Scotland worth diddly squat and that’s Celtic. Aberdeen also have a strong heritage and come second historically. Sevco?….WHO ARE YA? Mind The Gap, Hoora.

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