Incredible reaction from Clyde 1 pundit as he DEFENDS Postecoglou from the snipers

It’s not very often you see me writing about this. And it surprised me at the time but after the Europa League elimination, all pundits and journalists where lining up to take a pot shot at Celtic as they conceded another three goals away from home.

As Alex Rae and Co lined up to take a pot shot at the Celtic gaffer, long serving Clyde 1 pundit Gordon Dalziel launched a stinging defence of Postecoglou and said we was CORRECT to stick to the formation and the substitutes he made as he tried to see out the game, “I can totally understand why he’s stuck to the formation, what he was doing.

He put fresh legs on there, hoped to get himself up the pitch but you’re playing against the quality side away from home in Germany.

You know how good that team is and they just couldn’t hold out. I totally agree. He’s not at that level.

I’ve said it since day one since he came in.

He has got to get transfer windows.

He’s got to improve that squad and he’s got to get that strength at the back from the substitutes that’s going to keep a game nice and tight.”

It definitely makes a nice change from the normal Celtic sniping we have witnessed over the last few days.

It will never catch on though.

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