Incredible global Bernard Higgins message the board MUST take heed of

Yesterday I reported on the support the Celtic fans received from a Spanish Ultra’s group, Desperdicis 07, where they stood in unison with the Hoops support in their stance of the controversial appointment of police chief Bernard Higgins to a prominent role at Celtic Park.

Much reviled by the fans for his part in delivering the OBAF Act in Scotland, Higgins has been told in no uncertain terms that the fans do want him anywhere near the club.

But the message didn’t just stop at Spain.

Twitter account @FACKilltheBill tweeted out a series of messages from support from all over the globe is a stunning thread that spans from Australia to Canada.

The message to the Celtic board is simple, do the right thing and stop the plans to hire this guy. And you have to hand it to the fans, they certainly know how to get their message accross.

Can you imagine the furore if this appointment gets the go ahead?

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