“In the end his club died” – Celtic fan’s brilliant response to Mo Johnstone tweet

I remember this day like it was yesterday.

The day he signed for them.

Mo Johnston signing for Oldco Rangers sent shockwaves through the footballing community as the worlds only openly, bigoted club broke the mould and signed their first Roman Catholic.

Don’t ever let them forget that they had an open sectarian policy that prevented them from signing Catholic players. They will obviously deny it was ever that bad but a quick Google or YouTube search shows how deep rooted sectarianism was in those days at their club.

This video reminds us all of it:

But a Rangers fan on Twitter claimed that the signing of Johnston somehow ‘ended’ our fanbase and whilst it was, no doubt, disappointing, it wasn’t the end of anything.

Well, that’s a lie. It started a spending spree that eventually killed the Ibrox club.

Just for clarity, it wasn’t Celtic fans burning season books at Ibrox. It wasn’t Celtic fans throwing their scarves at the stadium and it certainly wasn’t Celtic fans laying wreaths at the door of Ibrox.

And just to remind us all again, here is a reporter in her ACTUAL report telling of the ‘predictable response of the hard liners’.

I think she meant bigots. Have a watch:

But anyway, the Celtic fans response to this tweet, as always, was first class:

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