“I’m really confident in the progress we’re making” – Postecoglou’s brilliant transfer message to supporters

Transfer stories. We had enough of them yet? It’s not even January and Celtic have been linked to so many players I have lost count.

It’s maybe not the stories that are annoying but the constant speculation that surrounds the club.

From dodgy twitter rumours to ‘in the know’ experts, 90% of what we see or read is a pile of p*sh.

So here we have it from the horses mouth. Ange Postecoglou was taking his pre match press conference today and was asked about how the plans are going for bringing in players to the club.

Postecoglou was open and honest but gave a great insight into how quickly he expects players in the door in January, “We’ve been working towards it for a while and all our planning again is about making sure that we get the deals, the ones we want done as early as possible to give the players.

But as you guys are all aware, we live in in a weird world right now you know things change day to day and I can sit here and say yeah, ‘We’ll have everything done‘, and then the world decides a different fate for us all.

So we’ve just got to be agile, dynamic, but we’re doing our work.

I’m really confident in the progress we’re making. And the ideal is yes, we have our deals done early and players come in early.

But at the same time understanding that there are always little obstacles that can’t be foreseen and we just got to be make sure that we do the stuff on our part as well and as efficiently as possible, which I think we are doing and be ready that you know if the opportunity is there for us that we can strike earlier.”

So it seems that the club is making good progress into getting the January deals done early which is welcome news to the fans who are used to a much ado nothing January window.

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