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“I’m raging at Beale” – 5 pages and over 400 comments later; Follow Follow brilliantly discuss sacking Beale

You know the best thing about this thread? It’s just the beginning. When you look at last months 3-2 win at Celtic Park against Rangers, a full ten days later the Follow Follow pain raged on.

And now with the realisation that they are ending another season trophy less whilst we go on towards another possible treble, those poor chaps at Follow Follow are now demented.

In this threadIn this thread, there are over 400 comments spanning five pages where the Bears are all predicting when their Messiah is going to get the sack.

Rangers fans rage at yet another Celtic defeat.

If you think this is bad now, wait until the 13th of May.

If Celtic beat them back at Ibrox you can be sure that not only will Follow Follow be DEMANDING he is sacked, the poor wee Onion Bears will be look to assemble to demonstrate against their flailing board.

We all remember Dave King’s ‘pack of cards’ prediction, right?

Amazing to see it coming true!

Rangers fans incredible Hampden fascist banner called out after Celtic defeat

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