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“I’m not so sure” – Chris Sutton is ‘worried’ about Celtic’s transfer business

The transfer of Oh being completed today sent a massive wave of happiness rippling through the Celtic fans this morning.

Whilst we all love the addition of a new player the club, at just 21 years old, Oh does seem like he is a player for the future.

But with the club offloading Juranovic to Union Berlin and now looking to sell Giakoumakis, former Celtic striker Chris Sutton is worried that the club may not come out this transfer window as strong as they did at this time last January.

Speaking on the Record Celtic podcast, Sutton said, “At this this moment in time Celtic are in a pretty good place but it is one of one of them with the transfers of Juranovic and, by the looks of it Giakoumakis now, I do think that there is a balance.

And it does slightly worry me whether Celtic will come out of this window and be better off or worse off.

Last January Celtic were far better off with the players who came in and really improved the team.

But you can’t tell me that the players who have come in necessarily will be better than than Giakoumakis or Juranovic.

Even if they get to that, even if they’re at the same level, you know what, I’d absolutely take that but to bring in a guaranteed goal scorer? I’m not so sure it’s that easy.”

I can see his point. But I also have faith that the manager also knows what he is doing.

JJ is gone. Alistair Johnston is in.

GG about to leave. Replaced by Oh.

Left sided defender in Kobayashi is now in and we also have that long awaited central defensive midfielder too.

We are looking healthy but only time will tell if the players Ange has brought in will be equal to or better than what we already have or lost.

I hope it is the latter.

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