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“I’m going ‘Oh f*** off'” – Gordon Strachan on Oldco star who copped a piece of his mind after derby defeat

Gordon Strachan earned a reputation, not just by Celtic fans, but across his whole footballing career as someone who doesn’t take any nonsense.

Someone who speaks his mind and be damned with the consequences.

His retorts were legendary down south and when he came to Glasgow, his no-nonsense style to the Scottish media was reminiscent of the Martin O’Neill era.

And the Celtic fans loved him for it. You can read the best of them here.

In the Sacked in the Morning podcast, the former Celtic manager was speaking about how he hated the after match drink in the manager’s office when he was a manager. Strachan said he preferred to just get out of the stadium and move on to the next game.

But he recalled a time when he went into Walter Smiths’ office for a chat after a 1-0 Glasgow Derby defeat and the formere *Rangers star who caught the sharp end of his tongue:

“It was like the time we played Rangers and we got beat.

We’d been playing Rangers quite a bit over a period of time and the beat us 1-0 and previous to that, when we beat them or anything like that, it was just Walter in the dressing room.

So, they beat us 1-0 right, next minute Graeme Souness is in there, he’s in on the Rangers thing.

Hateley turns up he’s in with his bright jerseys and jackets. I’m going, ‘Oh fuck off! Where were you when you got beat.

Then Richard Gough turns up. I’m like, ‘Oh, what’s going on here?’

I said to Walter, ‘Are you gonnae dig up Scott Simon and bring him back?’

I’m dying. You know. I’m thinking I’m gonna get the sack. These boys are celebrating going, ‘Well done Walter! Fantastic“‘ I’m sitting in the corner going really?”

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