“I’m Convinced He Can Bring In His Own Staff” – Ange’s Former Right Hand Man Rubbishes Aussie Media Claims

There was an interesting story that broke yesterday which claimed that Celtic gaffer, Ange Postecoglou was told that he couldn’t bring any of his own backroom team.

The Australian Triple M podcast claimed that Postecoglou was told he must inherit and promote his own staff from within the club, and it is fair to say, these claims alarmed the Celtic fans.

According to Postecoglou’s former member of staff, Craig Moore, this claim was not accurate and , speaking on Go Radio, Moore offered his reasons as to why it is taking the Hoops boss a lot of time to get his own men in, “Look, Ange is very very experienced. He’s managed for a long time he’s been in many different countries. He’s seen a lot.

“He will have a good look and see what coaches are there, how the playing group respond to those coaches. So you look at someone like you know John Kennedy, for example.

“Now John Kennedy, for me, by all reports, a wonderful human being, an amazing football coach, but wants to be a head coach, so therefore I think potentially John Kennedy will be a head coach but it’s not going to be the Celtic.

“Then you start looking at I think McManus who is quite young, he’s quite energetic. These are the kinds of people that Ange, wants to surround himself with.

“I think it’s it’s aligning with the football club. He loves developing coaches as well as players. So for me I think it’s an exciting time for these younger coaches. If he doesn’t believe that he has the right blend, or mix. I’m convinced he’s in a position where he can bring in his own staff.

“But first and foremost I think for the right thing for the football club is he’s having a look at what’s there.”

Moore has close contacts in the game and worked with Postecoglou as part of his backroom team for the Socceroos. If anyone knows the inside track on the Celtic gaffer, then it is him.

And what he is saying does make sense. It does seem Ange is all about giving everyone at the club the chance to prove themselves and not just the players. The next few weeks could be very interesting.

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