“If you’re looking for a player to break up a game……” – Celtic podcasters sums up Bobby Madden’s performance brilliantly

Much has been made of referee Bobby Madden’s performance in Celtic’s 2-1 win at Aberdeen on Sunday.

Every opportunity the referee got to stop the play he took it. He effectively ruined the flow of the game and quite frankly should have been hauling some Aberdeen players over the coals for consistently falling down everytime they stepped on a blade of grass.

The boys at the 20 Minute Tims podcast took issue with Madden’s performance and urged Celtic to have a look at him as a decent midfield option to help the team break down the opposition, “If you’re looking for a player to break up the game.

And we’re looking at Bitton and maybe McCarthy to break up the game. You just need to take a look at Aberdeen.

They had a guy that was sensational at breaking up the game in Bobby Madden. He done a brilliant job.

Honestly, see for a guy that wants to be a celebrity referee with his podcast series and his Instagram account.

Just be good at your job first.

Don’t be absolutely shite at your job. I had a wee look at the stats. Celtic had 62% of the possession and we occured twenty seven fouls.

Aberdeen where ten. There was periods in the game where every time Celtic went near an Aberdeen player, they hit the deck and Madden blew for it.”

Quite a brilliant summation of a referee that strangled the life out of the game instead of taking charge of it and letting the play flow.

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