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“If you don’t think our game is corrupt then I give up” – Celtic fans react to slow motion Goldson footage

The more I watch this, the more I cannot believe this penalty was not given.

It really is quite an incredible decision NOT to make on the balance of everything.

When you look at the penalty decisions given against us using VAR earlier on in the season, I would LOVE to hear why this wasn’t given.

Genuinely. If a referee can give me a proper explanation of why this is not a penalty yet Bernabei and O’Riley’s handballs are then I will let this go.

Even in slow motion it’s as clear a penalty as you will ever see.

And to think, Willie Collum has picked p his VAR official fee having missed this.

You can even see the trajectory of the ball changing as it leaves Starfelt’s boot it is that blatant.

In my eyes, the game has gone after this one. There is no way we were ever going to be awarded a penalty at Ibrox using VAR and didn’t the officials just make sure of it as well?

Let’s see what happens when we get them back at Paradise. 

Let’s see if there is another dodgy VAR decision that goes in their favour because if there is, we might as well just shut up shop.

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