“If there are too many set backs” – Hugh Keevins continues his hypocritical Postecoglou agenda

It’s a strange wee world that we live in.

After a very good 2-1 home win against Aberdeen on Saturday, Hugh Keevins, on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, went on a strange little ramble about how if Ange had lost against Aberdeen there would have been uproar amongst the Celtic fans.

This was after Celtic had WON the game. Aberdeen were no closer to winning the match than Celtic were to losing it.

It was very surreal for a man that continually claims he doesn’t deal in hypotheticals he certainly loves to delve in one were Celtic are concerned.

He was at it again on the show where he now made a claim about Ange Postecoglou sticking to his principals and how he may need to change them, “As far as Ange Postecoglou’s philosophy, you cannot criticise a man who says I refuse to compromise my principles.

However, on the other side of the coin, there is sometimes a price to be paid for not compromising your principles.

And in a results driven business, Ange is the fans favourite, they love him.

But if there are too many setbacks, then they will demand he compromises principles.”

Am I missing something here? When was the last time Celtic lost a domestic match? When is the last time Celtic were even close to losing a game using Postecoglou’s playing style?

Europe? That’s a completely different ball game. But then, this another bug bear of mine.

Ange consistently says he always uses Europe as a barometer to see how his team are progressing. That is what he does.

What use is compromising your style in the very games you say you want to test your teams progress? What would we learn?

I just wish these pundits and journalists would stop this inane garbage and start focusing on the job the Celtic gaffer is doing.

In Europe after Christmas. Major domestic cup final BEFORE Christmas.

Compromise your style? Don’t you dare Ange.

One thought on ““If there are too many set backs” – Hugh Keevins continues his hypocritical Postecoglou agenda”

  1. It seems auld Hugh can’t wait to see Celtic lose a game. Hugh is stuck in a 1970 time warp. Manager’s nowdays a picking a style of play that suits them and he making sure the players know how to play before they go on the park. Sitting back trying to hold onto a scoreline does not work. I remember there was a manager who used to say you can defend from the front.

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