“If the game is corrupt, we are up to our necks in it as well” – Incredible claim from Celtic podcaster

As the clouds descend around Celtic from those outwith the club looking to stick the boot in at every turn, Kevin Graham of A Celtic State of Mind has shown his frustration at the Celtic board for their apparent lack of activity when trying to defend it.

From deranged Sevco fans and certain sections of the media labelling Kyogo a cheat, to the over exuberant analysis of a marginally onside/offside goal, to opposition players calling open season on AND off the ball with our players, the Celtic board’s silence on this is deafening.

And Kevin was very damning in his assessment of the current Celtic board and historic boards as he put the boot into their record of doing nothing when the club has been wronged.

Speaking on the podcast, Graham said, “I can only look at this from a Celtic point of view and the fact that they haven’t said anything.

Celtic have previous for ignoring things that they may be deemed bad for business.

You have a look at the stripping of titles. EBT’s. They said at the AGM that they have no interest in financial fair play.

They have no interest in that whatsoever.

And basically the five way agreement which they claim never to have seen but everybody else in the world has.

And they did keep that alive. The Old F*rm is good for business and they want keep that alive.

I’m going to ask you a question.

And this is a hypothetical question that is not based on any facts, or anything whatsoever.

If the game is corrupt then we’re up to our necks in it as well. Because our silence actually points in that direction.”

That is quite the claim and when it is put to you factually, like this, who can argue with all the points he has brought up?

This Celtic board are not fit for purpose.

They allow outside influences the room to drag our players name and that of the club through the mud without a care in the world.

As long as the balance sheet is healthy and the bonuses are paid, that is about as much as they care.

Unless that changes, it will always remain open season at Celtic.

2 thoughts on ““If the game is corrupt, we are up to our necks in it as well” – Incredible claim from Celtic podcaster”

  1. I like Kevin Graham his podcast is great and he’s 100% correct in his summation here. For far too long this board and previous board’s and no doubt subsequent board’s will sit back and take the flak that comes the way of our player’s and club. We’re being attacked on all fronts and their failure to act proves how pusillanimous they are. The narratives being spun that a) Kyogo’s a diver is ludicrous as he’s been assaulted on and off the park since he got here and b) Celtic get all the favourable decisions is just embarrassing and totally disingenuous. In my 56 years on the planet Rangers 1872/2012 and now sevco 5088 get every dubious penalty, have opposing players sent off for nothing, whilst their players manage to avoid sendings off for far greater offences and don’t get me started on their players diving either, Sakala against Aberdeen this season a case in point and Joe Aribo against Hibs that got Porteous sent off. All of this is ably facilitated by the SFA and SPFL and not one person at our club has the appetite to fight it and I think the authorities have got us over a barrel as we signed the 5 way agreement a document that allegedly our board haven’t seen. Someone has got to take a stand at our club when you see clowns like Leslie Dean’s coming out and asking for games to be replayed, or even worse us being deducted and them awarded three points for what can be best described as us scoring a marginal offside/onside goal. Fergus McCann wouldn’t have put up with this and I personally think we need someone of that ilk and a new Celts for change group to attack this board and quite frankly appalling narratives being aimed at our great club.

  2. Spot on. But why the shock horror now. We all know we had a dreadful board, in Desmond we have a guy who can’t even turn up at AGMs I gave up my season ticket because of them, but as long as there is someone eager to take my place they will continue to abuse their position. My heart bleeds.

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