If Jurgen Klopp’s Gerrard comments are true, what does that say about Celtic’s achievements?

You know that saying of ‘If you’ve got got anything positive to say then just say nothing’?

Of course you do. We had it rammed down our throats all September during the enforced period of mourning for the Queen.

Well it seems Sky Sports Scotland manufactured a headline when they tweeted out that Klopp said Gerrards spell at Rangers was ‘very successful.

Have a watch:

Did I just miss something? Did I mishear what Klopp said or did Sky just make up a headline to encourage clicks on their video?

Gerrards time at Rangers was far from successful.

In fact, it was so bad that the former Rangers boss sat and watched Celtic sweep up four trebles in a row. 

To suggest otherwise is, well, just lying.

Two trophies in four seasons is not successful and whilst he had a decent record in Europe, ultimately he won nothing there either.

Let’s just stop with the birthday card nonsense or at the very least, let’s try and report the news accurately.

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