Ian Blackford’s cup final COVID hypocrisy called out

There has been a very strange narrative going around this weekend in the wake of the ongoing COVID crisis in the country.

Let me state first off, public health is the priority here. Always has and always will be. But what is lacking is the consistency of the message from the countries top politicians and media.

On the one hand, many are calling into question the reasoning for allowing today’s cup final with Celtic and Hibs to go ahead whilst on the other, they are simultaneously forgetting that FIFTEEN SPL fixtures went ahead yesterday which included the 50,000 fans attending Ibrox.

And not a peep was chirped. Not one.

But when it comes to Celtic’s cup final? Well, just watch them all come out and condemn that.

Yes I get it’s a high profile game. I get that using the cup final (and Celtic’s name) will give the COVID message more exposure but the message these people are sending out doesn’t look good.

Yesterday it was the turn of Graham Spiers, today it is leader of the SNP in Westminster, Ian Blackford.

The timing of the tweet after an almost full card of Scottish fixtures being played is clearly lost on Blackford and that drew the ire of the Celtic fans as they called out his hypocrisy.

And that last tweet is the most pertinent. Being a massive Hibs fan, I do wonder if Blackford will be in attendance of todays match?

We shall watch and wait.

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