“I would Never Have Allowed Them Back In Glasgow” – Charles Green’s Astonishing Attack On Rangers Players

This has to go down as one of the best interviews I have ever heard regarding the liquidation event of Rangers Football Club.

2012 is a date long etched in the memory of both sides of the Glasgow divide and the story of what actually went on behind closed doors at Ibrox has never truly been known until now.

This morning I wrote about how Charles Green opened up about the current status of *Rangers on the Keys and Gray podcast and he revealed some really explosive goings on about the contracts with Mike Ashley, the Blue Knights and his relationship with Ally McCoist.

What was apparent was Greens absolute disgust about how some of the *Rangers players walked away from the club leaving under freedom of contract and how they were allowed to walk back into the club, no questions asked and with open arms by the *Rangers fans it has to be said, after leaving them in dire straits.

Green also aimed a dig at the principles of the players as he launched his attack, “What angers me as well is all these Rangers fanatic players who disappeared to get fat signing on fees because they got freedom of contract have all come back now.

“Allan McGregor and Davis and all these people.

“I would never allow them back in Glasgow, if I was there, let alone in the dressing room and McGregor did a good job but he’s not the only goalie in the world.

What my life is always been about is principles. It’s black and white.”

I urge everyone to have a listen to the podcast as it really is an eye opener. I will post one more excerpt later on today and that one is going to be a doozy!

You can read the first blog about this below.

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